The Last Hope

This is a d20 (D&D 3.5e rules) game using the Eclipse – The Codex Persona rules for Class and powers. Which is a lot more like the style I enjoy running. Best part is you can build whatever you like within reason, which means what the GM will allow.

The players won’t really need to understand Eclipse rules as the characters are completely being provided for them. However, a breakdown of how the characters were built can be provided.

The storyline: The “People” [Fedyra] have been driven by a great evil from their ancestral home. Now they are slowly dying, and unable to reproduce, which is linked to the energies within their home. The ‘heroes’ must defeat or drive the evil from their their home before their people become mere legends of an old race that used to exist…

This site is still in progress and will develop as we get closer to the DDC.

Added: 1/23 – Characters Crunch

The Last Hope